Saturday, April 20, 2013

Afternoon relaxation.....

After a days work, there's nothing better than going over to the local park and having a few sunset flights to end the day.
The night before, you pull out the flat battery's from the previous day. Placing each one on charge, making sure, each cell is balanced and at the correct voltage. check the plane for any damage. Super glue and activator makes a quick fix.

Just before heading to bed for the night the last battery is charged. So you pack them in a line, most favorite first. Turn off the lights, close the garage door and head to bed.
When the next day arrives, the first thing to do is check the weather, but you know that the weather in the mornings and the afternoons mostly changes.

So you head off to work, and hope for the best. Some days I forget completely about the afternoon plans. And by late afternoon, looking out of the office window, you see. No wind and clear sky's.
So its home time, and you head straight home, grab those freshly charged battery's and hit the park.
At the park you start with the first pack. The flying skills are slightly off, but by the second pack you'r smoking. After 3 pack's or more its back home to start the cycle off again.
What a way to end the day........

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