Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talking Tugs

The work horses of silverton gliding club
The all time favorite tug on the left the Wilga a35 and the bullet proof
2m stick on the right.

The stick runs a os91fx methanol motor and pulls even the 3.5m asw 19.
It has had many tugs with gliders from 1.5m to the Asw 27 of Antony Van zyl
shown below.

Pre-flight checks and connection of tow rope.

Take up the slack, Wind direction check

Wings level and constant climb rate.

Time to ease back on throttle on the tug.
The glider should not follow the direction of the tug exactly, this makes slack in the line and then sudden tension. Resulting in the glider swinging from side to side.
If the tug turns right the glider should slide out left first and then to the right.
This keeps the distance between the tug and glider and tension on the line.

Shown below.

Aerotowing is really good fun for the tug pilot and the glider pilot.
We have had tows with just after takeoff both the tug and glider doing a right hand roll and then a left.
The glider was epp and not in the 6m class.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Razor of the skies

RouletteSpan: 700mm
Weight dry:150g
Flying weight:350-500g
S400 or brushless motor
40 amp controller
3cell 2250mah lipo
Jr 371 servos recomended
Flying skill: advanced
Tired of flying that thermal glider every sunday...........
Try this little speed demon to get your blood pumping
Works well as a pocket size slopie too.
Skip that meeting and hit the slope.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Models avalible

Most popular TOKO

The TOKO is popular with electric hot line pilots and slope soarers.
Span: 1700mm
Weight dry: 550-625g
Weight slope:1200g
Weight electric:1850g
Hollow moulded sandwitch wing, Carbon spar, durable 2k paint finish.
Colour of choice
Elevator and allerons
Fuselage in two versions:
Thin slope fuse or large electric fuse for outrunner motor.
or both to fit the same wing and tail.
Your choice.

Phone today for your custom TOKO
Craig 083 235 8748

Tomorrow: The Roulette will be posted
Something to get your blood pumping.
Not for the faint hearted............

Sunday flying at silverton

Second weekend aerotowing for the new asw 19

Johan Bruwer enjoyed another 3 successfull aerotows on sunday.
The conditions were tricky to say the least.
Cold and very windy.

This is the latest scale model to the Cloudbase family.
ASW 19 3.5m span
Its Fully moulded with full carbon fibre wings.
Glass fibre fuse with lots of carbon reinforcement.
Graupner 250mm spoilers
Allerons/flaps/spoiler wing or
Alleron/spoiler wing
Spring steel joiner
Uhi canopy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cloud Base Composites now on the Blog

ASW 19 3.5 m Span
Full carbon wings
Graupner 250 mm Air Brakes
R 3500.00

ASW 19 6.0 m Span (kit)

Fuse/ Canopy Tray / Canopy and templates

EPP Zagi 1 m Slope + Elevons and Tips

EPP Sheets 1.5 m x 1 m x 80 mm
R 350.00 per sheet

EPP Zagi 1m electric + pod + elevons and tips
R 450.00

Fully Molded

ASW 24/27 4.5 m Span
Full Carbon wings
350 mm Graupner Air Brakes
Required extra: Standard Jr591 servos
Ailerons HS 125
5 Cell sub C battery pack

May Special:

ASW 24 4.5 m Span
Used wings full carbon (No damage)
New Fuse and tails.

Roulettes : Pylon Racers for Speed 400

Tokos: Slope or electric

For more information contact Craig on 083 235 8748.