Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Custom made ultralight model boxes

Ultralight honey comb boxes now available. Custom made to any size.

Lightweight vacuum bagged honey comb panels cut to size, bonded and reinforced on the inside.
Aluminium edges fitted with handles, latches and locks.
Perfect travel and storage box.

 Sizes can be made to fit large scale gliders, F3B/F3J gliders, helicopters, DLG,  and many more.
Boxes can be natural or sprayed finish.
Also available with Carbon fiber outer skins.
Protect those loved models from hanger and transport damage.

For orders contact Craig Baker @


+27 83 235 8748   Mobile
+27 12 993 1104   Landline

South africa

083 235 8748 mobile
012 993 1104 Landline

Website: www.cbcomp.co.za

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